My name is Kenny. As your creative director, I can guide you to managing your brand… oh, and sometimes I play the role of Founder.


our vision

To be the leader in bold and creative design.

our mission

Founded in 2009, The Bahamian Studio brings originality and ingenuity back to design. We offer our clients a marketing-edge through targeted and relevant designs with an emphasis on brand management, quality, attention to detail, proficiency, efficiency, bold concepts and imaginative style. We foster an appreciation and understanding of Bahamian art and its influence on our community, its global impact, and a respect for the heart of every brand — people.




Humble Beginnings

Our story begins with an enthusiastic artist who turned a passion into a profession.


Practice Makes Perfect

Through self-practice, failures and persistence, an amateur artist grew to become a professional Designer. Using social media as his platform, offered exposure and an avenue for growing and creating the brand image.



The Bahamian Studio is founded. It’s name born from a need to fill a niche and a brand purpose to offer unique Bahamian-inspired design and graphics.



Featured by the Public Treasury Art Program as a Bahamian male artist who is transforming the face of modern art in The Bahamas, alongside talented artists Graham Wilson, Benjamin Rolle and Kishan Munroe. PTAP recognises young Bahamian artists, showcases outstanding local art and engenders appreciation for Caribbean Art and Art Education.



Releasing a design annually, inspired by our Independence celebrations. These designs often sparked debate and conversation around the concept and visuals they depicted, and were shared by many through our social media platform.


The Bahamian Studio Salutes

Honoring the successes of the creative, we begin a campaign recognizing honorees for their creative merit. Each honoree receives a custom design created by our team, highlighting their most noteworthy accolades and inducted into our Hall of Fame.


Special Olympics

We’re honored to have the opportunity to envision a new logo for Special Olympics Bahamas. For the Athletes with intellectual disabilities who continue to demonstrate courage and experience joy through participation, giving them continued opportunities to develop their physical abilities.


Smith & Benjamin’s

We’re humbled as our latest Independence-inspired design is featured in Smith & Benjamin’s Art & Culture newsletter. A local company with one of the largest and oldest followings of its kind, serving thousands of subscribers over seventeen years. Unabashedly celebrating the sheer vibrancy and magnitude of the talent and creative genius coming out of these 700 islands called The Bahamas. Click here to view this issue from July 2015.


Present: A Leader In Bold & Creative Designs