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A picture is worth

a 1000 words

Ready. Set. Logo! Start crafting your logo design.

To create the perfect identity design, please fill out the form below. Our skilled Designer needs this information to help them succeed in creating the most accurate and relevant design for you and your company.

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Our Process


Submit your logo design request,
using the form below

This information is gathered to help us understand your company, your product or service, your brand and how these elements will connect with your logo design.



A logo is 5% design, and 95%
a creative process of your values

Your logo will become the face of your brand, and a deeper understanding of your brand’s story through your vision, mission and core values, is the most important process in developing a relevant and accurate design.


Developing the concept
and the logo design

After reviewing your brand’s story, we highlight key values that will embody your logo, and establish a concept. Once this concept is approved, the design process begins, followed by a review and final approval.

Logo Packages


traditional branding for
the classic company

Concepts: 1
Revisions: 2
Image 1000 px
Final Logo Files: 1
Design Hours: 2 hours
Timeline: 1-2 Days




modern branding for
startups or quick rebrands

Concepts: 1
Revisions 2
100% Adjustable Vector
Final Logo Files: 1
Project Hours: 4+ hours
Turnaround Time: 2-3 Days




first-rate branding for
the expanding company

Concepts: 2 / Revisions: 2
100% Adjustable Vector
Project Hours: 8+ hours
Final Logo Files: 1
Turnaround Time: 3-5 Days
+ Free Logo Brand Guide




elite branding for growth, success and brand equity

Concepts: 3 / Revisions: 3
100% Adjustable Vector
Project Hours: 18+ hours
Final Logo Files: 2
Turnaround Time: 5-7 Days
+ Free Logo Brand Guide



    Select the logo design package that best suits your project. See package details above.

    Organization size or workforce.

    What is the nature of your business, primary product or service?

    Exact wording that should be used in your logo.

    Adjectives that should best describe your logo.

    Would you prefer a logo that is more type, image or a combination?

    Script. Display. Modern. Bold. Traditional. Condensed. Expanded.

    Do you have a motto or slogan?

    Where will your logo be displayed?

    What is the timeline allocated for this project?

    Please provide a detailed description of the concept you desire for your future logo. This information is very crucial. Please be as thorough and as descriptive as possible. Try to paint a picture of the logo you desire, in your description. You may choose to omit this section if you wish, however, it may result in additional revisions and costs to you, to achieve the logo that is right for you, if a description is not initially provided.