Addressing a Client’s needs as a Consultant/Brand Manager. Tips for Clients and Contractors.

Clients can often limit their possibilities by limiting the vision of their project. Each project is a new challenge, but as a Consultant/Brand Manager,  it is our job to educate and guide.

The Client should assess your Portfolio and Proposal prior to conducting business. As the Consultant, you should always audit their needs prior to accepting their request, to ensure that you are adequately equipped to provide the service they seek. Each party is now aware of the Scope of Work and what to expect and should trust the process. This works both ways. Trust in your Client’s direction and they should trust in your judgement to deliver on the proposition outlined initially. Always prepare a Scope of Work and Proposal before each project. This should be clearly written (or typed), thorough and concise.

One of the most challenging aspects, is getting clients to take responsibility of their brand. Your brand should be at the center of everything you do, and at the center of a brand isn’t a product or service, it is people.

If you do not have clarity of your brand, your customers cannot connect, and your people cannot deliver.

Guide and educate your clients on the importance of managing an effective brand and you will help them achieve the success they seek.

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