Learn to Design, Like a Pro

Learn and apply the principles of graphic design, and master the basics of Adobe® Photoshop online

This course sequence exposes students to tools and techniques used to make sophisticated graphic design from process, historical context, and communication through image-making and typography.

What will I learn?

Learn To Design
Study the Principles of Visual Design and composition through Adobe® Photoshop® dynamic tools and user interface.

Principles of Copywriting
Learn to write effective sales copy, access timeless copywriting formulas and templates, developing skills that would be beneficial in your design career.

Brand Identity
Change the conception of brands as being an organisation’s visual identity and image to an experience along the customer journey and, therefore, delivered by people across the entire organisation.

Client Communication
Improve your client communication skills and your standing as a Designer, which rests on your ability to communicate with your team members and clients effectively.

Project & Time Management
Learn to process, plan and exercise conscious control of time spent on projects, to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.

What’s included?

The world’s best imaging and graphic design software is at the core of just about every creative project, from photo editing and compositing to digital painting, animation, and graphic design. And now you can harness the power of Photoshop across desktop and iPad to create wherever inspiration strikes.

The Bahamian Studio School of Design prepares you to sit the Photoshop® Certification test which confirms your proficiency with Adobe® Photoshop® along with your understanding of how to use it to create a variety of types of images in various file formats. This Photoshop® Certification Exam provides an independent validation of your skills that is widely recognized.

Live Online Sessions
Online video conferencing with engaging virtual classrooms, in an interactive environment between students and an experienced instructor.

Online Student Portal
Students have access to a private online portal where all classroom material can be downloaded and reviewed. Full access to Adobe® CC Photoshop® is also included.

Includes skill assessment tests. Demonstrate your proficiency in the Adobe Photoshop Certification Exam, offered by American Graphics Institute.

Student Review

The Course was VERY informative and teaches based on the correct principles of design. It teaches a lot of skills and tricks that are necessary to know moving forward in the industry.
M. Brown, Fall 2020


Your Curriculum

Practice the Principles
of Design

Layout, Composition & Typography

Design Beautiful

Unlock the Secrets
of Copywriting

Learn to Create
Stellar Sales Copy

Create Content That Stands Out

Explore the Principles
of Brand Identity

Learn the Keys
of Logo Design

Discover How to
Launch a New Brand


We strive to ensure our program is both flexible and affordable. This is why we offer low, weekly payment options for every student. We are committed to providing you with a high-quality education at an affordable price. Make an investment in yourself today.

Enrollment starts at $295.00


3 equal weekly payments of $100.00

  • Over 25 hours of hands-on training
  • Course runs for 4 Weeks
  • Each session is 2 hours
  • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday

Pay tuition in full, receive a 10% deduction on fees

Online Payment Options

Access, play, view and download all classroom content online from your private student portal

How do I enroll?

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