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Hire A Dedicated Design Team

Monthly Retainer. No Obligation. Dedicated Design Team.

Hire a dedicated Design Team, without long-term commitments

A retainer agreement is a way to hire a Designer in advance for work you’ll need in the future. It’s an agreement between you and your Designer and Design Team, stating that for a fixed amount on a monthly agreement, the Designer agrees to provide a predetermined amount of work.

Why should you use a retainer agreement?

There are several reasons why a retainer agreement will benefit your business, marketing campaigns or initiatives. First and foremost it creates a steady stream of designs, on-demand. Any entity running a business knows how helpful having a dedicated Designer can be, without long-term commitments or employee contracts. Instead of trying to budget each design as they’re needed or endlessly searching for a Designer every other week, you work with the Designer to plan your marketing initiatives in advance.

Another benefit of using a retainer agreement is that it allows you to create a space of dependability and consistency, by setting a design schedule and allowing you to be more productive – spending less time on design feedback and the creative process.

What are the benefits?

Priority Requests

Realtime updates on active projects

Access a dedicated online studio to review, approve, and print active/past projects

Discounted Rates

Pay less for more (15% off on design rates)

Complimentary monthly quarter page, tabloid design for your next promotion

Dedicated Design Team

No obligation, monthly retainers

No long-term commitments

Dedicated Designer, without the commitment

More for Less

Extended revisions (+3) on active projects

Rollover and extend unused design hours for 5 business days after expiration

Grow Your Audience

Grow brand recognition and presence with complimentary posts on our social platforms

Quotes are based on your estimated design needs + 15% discount. Please share your anticipated,
monthly design needs in your request.

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