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From interactive polls, engaging hosts and detailed art descriptions, this year’s TS2020 virtual experience was as engaging as any of its past seasons

“Boasting sixteen years as the premier art festival in The Bahamas, Transforming Spaces (TS) returns Fall 2020 to offer art enthusiasts, collectors, and visitors alike another unique experience totally immersed in the contemporary Bahamian art scene virtually. The experience this year was a little different. This year the event will highlight the best in contemporary Bahamian art across seven participating galleries including: D’Aguilar Art Foundation, Doongalik Studios, Project I.C.E, The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas, University of The Bahamas, Central Bank of The Bahamas Art Gallery, and New Providence Antiques.”

Transforming Space

Participating Galleries


8A Virginia Street
T: (242) 322-2323
O: Tues/Thurs, 10am-4pm
IG: @daguilarartfoundation


University Drive
T: (242) 302-4422
IG: @ub.visualartsanddesign


Old Trail Road
T: N/A
O: Mon – Sat
IG: @projecticebahamas


#20 Village Road
T: (242) 394-1886
O: M-W,10am-4pm/  Sats, 9-1pm
IG: @doongalik


Shirley and Market Streets
T: (242) 367-6309
IG: @cbobahamasartgallery


West Hill Street
T: (242) 302-5800
O: Tues – Sat, 10am-5pm
W: IG: @nagb242

Speaker Highlights


Painter, Sculptor, Open Space Designer

Project ICE Transforming Spaces 2020 TS2020 Tsbahamas The Bahamian Studio Graphic Design Flyers Logos Printing Marketing Nassau Bahamas

Expressing his excitement to participate in the 16th season of Transforming Spaces, Mr. Roberts introduced his latest founding initiative, Project I.C.E.

I.C.E. stands for Incubator for Collaborative Expression. The fact that the studio was formerly an ice factory warehouse was also the inspiration for the foundation’s title.

“Its vision is to curate a shared space that encourages scientists, educators, researchers, artists, mathematicians and engineers to utilize their comparative advantages to create individual and global solutions for development and expansion. Project I.C.E is propelled by an appreciation for the radical individual and global potential, that emanates from the meeting of interdisciplinary minds.”


Chief Curator at National Art Gallery of The Bahamas

National Art Gallery of The Bahamas (NAGB) museum may be closed due to the pandemic, but the grounds are open to visitors.

Daniela Fifi, Chief Curator at NAGB extended an invitation to participants to visit the NAGB Art Park.

“naturesPULSE features flora and sculptures in NAGB’s Art Park. The area is associated with the site of the first African hospital on New Providence in 1780. It was re-envisioned in 2016 by the NAGB to focus on the healing aspect of the arts—music, gardening, farming, and sculpture. Building on these grounding principles of the Art Park, naturesPULSE offers an outlet for rest, respite, and meditation.”

While the museum may be closed, patrons can visit, to listen to prerecorded soundtracks from artists, participate in online series, exhibitions and virtual education programs open to younger audiences with families. 


Proprietor of Doongalik Studios and President of Creative Nassau

Pamela shared a warm and positive welcome to participants, in spite of the challenging times which have influenced this year’s art tour becoming a virtual experience.

“Doongalik Studios was formed in the 1970s by the late Jackson Burnside III, architect, artist and cultural advocate, and his wife, Pam. The couple have spent their lifetime committed to promoting the country’s outstanding artistic talent which they firmly believe can establish The Bahamas as an international center of creativity.”

“Doongalik’s mission is to ensure that by the year 2020, the majority of visitors to The Bahamas will come to experience Bahamian Art, Culture and Heritage rather than merely Sun, Sand and Sea.”


Curator at The D’Aguilar Art Foundation

D'Aguilar Art Foundation Transforming Spaces 2020 TS2020 Tsbahamas The Bahamian Studio Graphic Design Flyers Logos Printing Marketing Nassau Bahamas

The foundation holds over 2000 art pieces and boasts a quaint but formidable international art exhibition. 

Most of the artwork are housed locally in a gallery space. The Current exhibition is titled “Anywhere But Here” which highlights some of their older, international pieces – each researched extensively and specifically handpicked before acquiring. 

Featured Artists:

  • Mallica “Kapo” Reynolds 
  • Junichiro Sekino
  • Chris Orr
  • Fred Storr
  • Gregory Jacobson
  • Préfète Duffaut
  • Romare Bearden


Curator at The Central Bank of The Bahamas

Central Bank of The Bahamas Transforming Spaces 2020 TS2020 Tsbahamas The Bahamian Studio Graphic Design Flyers Logos Printing Marketing Nassau Bahamas

“The Central Bank of The Bahamas (CBoB) is as young as this nation and yet, at the same time, the oldest art institution in the country. After its metamorphosis from the Monetary Authority into the independent Central Bank in 1973, it spent its first decade focusing on becoming the outstanding regulatory financial institution needed for a young country.”

CBoB has committed 2020 to renovating and revitalizing Balcony House. Acquired by CBoB in 1985, this 220 year building is the oldest existing wooden residential building in The Bahamas. The visitor center and tea house will be open to the public on November 13, 2020. 


Curator at The Current Art Gallery, Baha Mar

The Current Art Gallery Baha Mar Transforming Spaces 2020 TS2020 Tsbahamas The Bahamian Studio Graphic Design Flyers Logos Printing Marketing Nassau Bahamas

Though The Current was not a participating gallery this year as in the previous seasons, its curator John Cox was present to offer remarks and expressed his gratitude for being apart of the proceedings. He shared how he is inspired by the adaptations he has seen from local artists throughout the year of 2020.

One project he has recently developed for a small group of students was to create a learning experience on Blackbeard’s Terrace, called The Blackbeard’s Park, in collaboration with St. Andrew’s School. This initiative is a creative environment and virtual experience, where students have created collective murals, screen T-Shirts and apparel. In 2020, the creative process for him “has been broadly defined by how artist can creatively adapt in 2020”.


Head of Department at University of The Bahamas, Visual Arts & Design

University of The Bahamas Logo Transforming Spaces 2020 TS2020 Tsbahamas The Bahamian Studio Graphic Design Flyers Logos Printing Marketing Nassau Bahamas

UB Visual Arts Department, headed by Keisha Oliver, Visual Arts and Design Department Head, has launched its exhibition titled “Nah Listen”.

The illustration exhibition highlights portraiture, typography, storytelling, character development, digital media techniques, and applied arts from eight students enrolled in their Introduction to Illustration Course. “UB Visual Arts Department is dedicated to building a culture of critical thinking and responsible citizenship, where students learn to use their creativity in addressing, supporting and taking a stand on issues that are important to them.”

“In this time of global isolation and uncertainty, the students were challenged to create a series that offered messages of empathy and awareness appealing to local audiences. Working in pairs, their collaborative efforts produced a collection of social justice posters that make bold statements, circling themes of Climate Change, the Pandemic, Mental Health and Equality.”

Featuring artists include Taylor Rolle, Delroy Wright, Janae Ferguson, Marknesha Bastian, Jasmin Green, Jordon Ritchie, Dwynette Rolle and Jada Sands


How do artist that live off their work survive the lockdown?

Ulrich Voges

Voges shared how the Central Bank of The Bahamas (CBoB) participation in TS2020 and how the current climate has force adaptations, such as using this time to renovate Balcony House, including a new visitor center for patrons. The gallery may be closed to the public, but the collection of art still continues. An open call for artwork was announced this year with many submissions. The CBoB art team is currently issuing recognitions to the chosen artists over the next few months, along with many other programs and projects. 

Tessa Whitehead

The D’Aguilar Art Foundation is using the time during 2020, to access their extensive collection and work, curating pieces from their collection that wouldn’t ordinarily be exhibited. Researching and developing stories surrounding stored artwork to provide richer content on the gallery pieces. 

Transforming Spaces 2020 TS2020 Tsbahamas The Bahamian Studio Graphic Design Flyers Logos Printing Marketing Nassau Bahamas