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Mind Our Business

The Bahamian Studio,
works collaboratively with clients to build their brands and consumer relationships.

We’ve worked with clients and companies just like you, from the tourism, retail, wellness, aviation, civil, law, nautical and financial industries.

Our work includes brand identity, graphic design, print media, web development and digital experiences.

Our focus is on your brand identity and management, not just graphics and visuals. Great design cannot happen without a deeper understanding of your core values.

We live and breathe design

Our design philosophy hinges on simplicity. We focus on clean lines, bold creatives and colorful concepts to create an aesthetic that’s both modern and timeless. We aim to elevate your content, not outshine it.

We love Design. As designers and developers, we believe design is versatile, powerful and incredibly intuitive. We also believe that true design is changing the world, and we’re proud to be part of that community.

We help you design experiences, not flyers.

Our Team

We are a digital studio, which means we can collaborate with our clients instantly by email, video or mobile.

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We combine design, technology and business strategy into a unified discipline powerful enough to propel companies forward.

What’s the gossip?

What our clients are saying about us.

R. Dean, Jewels By The Sea

“I am deeply in love with this ad! It is AWESOME!! I just want to get this in the hands of every single person in all of Nassau. So sophisticated, so clean, so gorgeous. OK, I am going to try and stop raving now.”

K. Forbes, Milo Butler Distributors

“Everyone raved about the ads. The CEO even commented on them. We love the bright colors.”

A. Pinder, Perfec-Tone

“This is perfect. I loved the concepts you had in mind. Everyone loves it. Thanks for working a miracle. “

Our Clients

We develop gorgeous, memorable brands for our clients.